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No.1 Lime Brand in India. Surya Cem is Registered under Trades and Mercantile Act, 1958. The 526030. SURYA CEM is a high quality hydrated lime produced under ISO 9001 :2008 certification. Quality checks are done at mining, calcining, pulverizing and packing.


Holographic Security seal on our bags gives you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a genuine product. These seals involve technologies and procedures that are out of reach of the counterfeiters. Usage- Base Coat / Lime wash / white wash Shades- Regular & Milk White Packing- 25 kg. , 10 kg. ,5 kg. & 1 kg  Coverage (120sq.ft/Kg/Coat)

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SURYA COOL is a revolutionary product with cooling components. When applied on roof or outer walls of any building it effectively reduces the room temperature to the extent of 7°C to 10°C due to insulating property of the material.

How to use : The surface of the roof  is to be thoroughly cleaned before preparing the mixture. Surya Cool contains two parts – Part A and Part B. Part A contains crystals and Part B contains Powder.Take 9 liters  of fresh water in a bucket or any other suitable container and add part A of  Surya Cool. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Add part B powder to the above mixture. Stir it  for 10minutes to obtain uniform mixture. Apply the first coat with a flat brush , leave the surface for 8 to 12 hours .Sprinkle water on it before applying the second coat.

                                                  Packing- Available in 5 kg  HDPE laminated bags.

                                                 Coverage : (80 sq.ft/Kg/Coat)

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It is cement modified plaster, which on any kind of absorbent surface for smooth final finish in general terms it can called as putty. It is a water resistant material. Which can be used particularly where seepage and dampness is more. It is non curing material in powder form on adding water gives a consistency, which is suitable for application.

Surya dry plaster can be applied by putty blade. Surya dry cement plaster applied on cement wall gives excellent water resistance property. Usage- Surya dry plaster after application the abrasive resistance increases day by day. Surya dry plaster can be used for interior and exterior purpose.

                                                           Packing : Available in 1 kg,5 kg, 20 kg & 40 kg HDPE laminated bag.

                                                           Coverage: Single coat = 25 to 30 sq.ft. per 1 kg at 0.5 mm thickness .

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Protac Primer: A new brand of wall Primer for both interior & Exterior introduced by Surya Colours was an instant hit in the market. Won the appreciation of painters and satisfaction of consumers. What made Protac to be ahead of other primers is quality and coverage. Wall have porosity which means their surface is rough and porous. Protac primer closes these pores and makes the surface even and smooth. This will enable removal of patches of colours remained earlier.

As a result, any colour painted on Protac primer surface gives wide coverage and durability. Cement surface emits a lot of moisture, besides forming alkaline substances. As a  result of moisture and alkaline, walls gradually suffer erosion and get weakened. Protac Primer prevents this danger. It has a unique nature de moisturize the surface and prevent formation of  alkaline substances. Protac primer is a water-based paint. On the contrary, enamel paints  cannot absorb moisture emanation from cement walls, as a result of which paint gets worn out after sometime, giving ugly look on the surface and in the long run, it will even damage the walls,  Protac primer firmly sticks to the walls and gives durability to colours.

                                                          Types:  Interior / Exterior

                                                    Coverage :  Protac Primer covers around 200 sq. ft. And what is more, Protac costs 15-20 % lesser than the other Primer Products. The fine particles of Protac give a very smooth finishing to the walls.

                                                      Packing: Available in 1ft, 4ft, 10 it & 20 ft in containers

Altra cement Paint.jpg new


A high quality white cement paint base product available in various attractive shades.


Water Proof

For both interior & exterior

No chalking

Non fading

Highly durable

More brightness

                                              Packing : Available in 25 Kg HDPE laminated bag.

                                             Coverage: Single coat = 1500 to 1600 sq.ft. per 25 kg.

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Goodbye to paints with synthetic resins and oil based material. It has been proved that such paints are hazardous to environment as well as health. Consumers all over the world are refusing to use such paints, which not only produce poisonous byproducts which cannot be recycled, but also obstruct emission of moisture and vapour from walls.

Now, consumers are welcoming water-based distemper paints, which firmly apply to walls and allow them to “breath.” Though both emulsion and distemper are water-based. However, emulsion paints are  four times costlier than distempers. Because of its pigment volume coverage is more and it makes the texture smooth and soft. It gets dried up quickly.

Salient Featues :
Acrylic washable interior paint
Durable and very economic
No need of curing
Available in beautiful shades

Tufit Gold copy



It is a special water based product developed by Surya Colours. When applied on any surface it gives a glittering effect . Users often call it liquid gold/ silver as it gives a real gold/silver like finish. Apply minimum of 3 coats for better finish.

Opaque and satin sheen coating.

Unique luster effect.

Good light and weather fastness.

Water base metallic finish.

 Special effects on textured surface.

Shades : Gold / Silver / Copper / Bronze /Maroon

Packing: Available in 25 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm, 200 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg containers. 

Oxides copy


It is a processed synthetic oxide with weather resistance & micro particles it is easily dispersible  & highly durable

Available shades – Red/ Black/Yellow/Blue/Green

Packing  available in 1 Kg & 500 Gms laminated pouches

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